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Custom printed digital and HD Flexo shrink sleeves from Drew & Rogers are successful in a wide range of markets largely due to their aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. These highly attractive labels are printed on a flexible shrink film that reduces in size through the application of heat. Once the film shrinks, it conforms tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package. With a 360 degree display of brilliant artwork and text, custom shrink sleeves give products maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure. Call Drew & Rogers in Fairfield, NJ today to create the perfect label for your product.


3D Proofing for Shrink Sleeves


Looking to set your product apart from the competition with an unusual package shape? Shrink sleeves from Drew & Rogers are the answer. Using distortion to allow text and images to appear correctly and proportionately after application is complete, shrink sleeves can be altered to fit any shape packaging and are the perfect option for your specially designed container. Contact us today and let our knowledgeable staff help you find a shrink sleeve solution as unique as the product to which it’s being applied.


Package multiple items.

Need an excellent promotional tool? Drew & Rogers offers shrink bands that conform tightly to the shape of packaged items with the application of heat. Shrink bands can be used to package multiple items together, creating a promotional offering printed with your artwork, logo and message. The result is a stylish and aesthetically attractive package with your company’s branding clearly indicated.

Perforated shrink caps.

Tamper-evident shrink sleeves from Drew & Rogers offer visually appealing full color 360 degree product packaging with an essential safety feature that ensures the quality of your products and safety of your consumers. Drew & Rogers produces shrink sleeves that fully cover the product and have a perforated cap to detect unwanted tampering, as well as heat shrink seals that cover only the tops of products.

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves



The right packaging and labeling not only helps customers identify your brand and quickly learn everything they need to know about your products, but it also helps establish your brand identity and convey a clear message of quality to consumers. Shrink sleeve printing offers many advantages over traditional labeling, so it’s important to know a few key facts about this printing technique and what it could mean for your products. Drew & Rogers has addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about the shrink sleeve printing process for your consideration.

Q: What Is Shrink Sleeve Printing?

A: With traditional printed labels, the labels affix to the product container itself. Shrink sleeves wrap around the entire product container and shrink to conform exactly to the shape of the container using heat, resulting in a smooth and seamless product label that covers the entire container.

Q: How Does Shrink Sleeve Printing Work?

A: Drew & Rogers uses high-gloss PETG film that offers the highest achievable shrink rate. Gentle heat application ensures the film completely conforms to the product container, offering a 360-degree display of high-resolution artwork, product information, and branded graphics.

Q: How Are Shrink Sleeve Applied?

A: After printing the shrink sleeve, we align it around the product container and use heat to shrink the sleeve around the container.

Q: Do Shrink Sleeves Work on Aluminum Cans?

A: At Drew & Rogers, beverages in aluminum cans are one of the most common shrink sleeve processes we complete for our customers. Our partial-sleeve shrinking labels can fit virtually any size metal can and conform completely. This ensures 360-degree branding with all required product information and easy recycling.

Q: How Do You Seal Shrink Sleeves?

A: Our partial sleeve labels fit perfectly around most product containers, leaving room for an easily accessible cap. Full-body shrink sleeves can encase the product container as well as the cap, complete with tamper-evident seals or perforation to ensure quality. It’s also possible to bundle multiple items together with our multi-pack shrink sleeves. With any type of shrink sleeve, we use a steam tunnel or heat shrink tunnel to seal sleeves completely.

Q: Is Shrink Sleeve Printing Cost Effective?

A: Shrink sleeve printing can potentially save manufacturers money they would otherwise spend on separate caps and tamper-evident seals. Shrink sleeves also protect consumers by ensuring they purchase authentic, high-quality products. They can also eliminate the need for separate front and back labels for some products.

Shrink sleeve printing allows any product manufacturer to create visually stunning, safe, and original product packaging for all types of consumer products. Drew & Rogers has more than 75 years of experience with product labeling, and we are proud to offer our innovative shrink sleeve printing services to our customers.

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