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Drew & Rogers Shrink Sleeve Labels are sleeves constructed from film material that, rather than using adhesive, shrinks to a product’s surface when heat is applied. This type of labeling allows the graphics to be printed around the entire circumference as well as take the shape of the product’s container. The eye-catching design of 360 degree graphics that form-fit containers has great consumer appeal.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve Labels:

  1. Cost effective product labeling and decoration
  2. High end look and feel adds value to the product with eye catching design
  3. Allows labeling & decorating on complex shaped containers
  4. Eliminates custom printed containers
  5. One-off prototypes and short runs for market testing
  6. 360 degree graphics market the product from every angle

Many industries are rapidly adopting the 360 degree graphics that custom shrink sleeve labels provide. Extremely popular in food and beverage products, printed shrink sleeves can also be used to decorate pet products, personal care and cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, retail products, and many more.

The film material used to create shrink sleeves is typically PVC, PETG, OPP, PLA, EPS, or a custom formulation. See our Technical Details page for more information on shrink sleeve film materials.

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