Types of Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves:

Custom shrink sleeves do not necessarily have to cover the entire surface area of a container, though they can as Full Body Shrink Sleeves. Shrink sleeves can cover only a portion of the container, such as the shoulder, and shrinks to fit once heat is applied, allowing unconventional contours to display sleek graphics that adhesive labels would not stick to without bunching. These labels will generally be placed on the body of the container, letting the cap or lid be sealed separately with a shrink band or through the use of some other type of seal, though it is possible to do it in one shot with one shrink sleeve. Custom Printed shrink sleeve labels can save in warehousing costs, especially when packaging different varieties of the same type of product. Instead of having to warehouse several different printed containers, only one blank container and the different product labels would need to be warehoused, greatly reducing the space needed for the variety of packaging.

Full Body Shrink Sleeves:

Full body sleeves form fit to the entire body of the container. They will shrink to fit the contour of the entire container, allowing it to be decorated 360 degrees from top to bottom, maximizing marketing space. Full body printed shrink sleeves can easily give an old product an updated appearance by using shrink sleeves to cover up the old label, or offer an opportunity to re-brand the product and create exceptional shelf appeal. The portion of the sleeve covering the cap or lid can be perforated, making it esier to remove while forming a tamper-evident band that gives customers piece of mind when buying your product. Full body shrink sleeve labels feature UV protection, something smaller labels cannot accomplish. Full body shrink sleeves can also be used to package two containers together with Combination Packaging.


Preforms are shrink film bands manufactured to fit particular shapes of containers, eliminating the need for custom designs. Preformed bands work especially well with reverse tapered containers and containers that do not have shoulders to hold the band in place before shrinking. As is the case with all shrink film, preforms will shrink to fit tightly around the container once heat is applied. These bands can be clear, colored, preprinted or custom printed. Preform bands can be easily applied by hand and sent through the heat shrinking process. Preforms are most commonly used as custom printed tamper-evident bands, or safety-seals.

Tamper-Evident Bands:

Tamper-evident bands are one of the major uses of preform shrink film. These bands can be printed with warning messages or safety-seal text and are often used in conjunction with another type of warning label – advising that if the safety-seal provided by the tamper-evident band is broken the product may not be good. The use of tamper-evident bands promotes a sense of security to the consumer that the product has not been altered throughout the distribution process. Vertical and horizontal perforations can be added to make the band easier to remove. Custom printed tamper-evident bands are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Combination Packaging:

Combination packaging uses shrink sleeves to package multiple containers together for the purpose of offering it as one product. Using form-fitting shrink sleeve material allows you to package different sized and shaped containers together easily. There are many benefits and reasons for combo packaging including:

  • Customer savings
  • Free samples for new product promotions
  • Get rid of excess inventory by selling more slow moving items at a time
  • Increase sales during slow periods with buy one get one free enticements
  • Use complementary products – Free gift/bonus with purchase

After special combination packaging promotions are over, the shrink film can easily be removed from the bundled products without damaging the containers and they can be sold separately once again. Combo packs are frequently used to promote household and personal care products.

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